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I like Sassafras!

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The Sassafras tree is one of my very favorites. We have them all around us in the north Georgia mountains. They have been a very important tree in North America forever. Long history of native use and the first major export by the European invaders. This sun loving beautiful tree blazes in the fall and fruits midsummer. While male and female trees exist, the females often put out new cloned shoots from its roots. It’s wonderful scent, most distinct in the inner root bark, has been utilized in many different ways from culinary to its ability to discourage insects.

Shape shifting leaves of Sassafras tree

ENERGETICALLY, based on my personal opinion, the tree is friendly and joyful. It has healing properties used in many ways. My very first introduction to plant medicine was making Sassafras tea as a cub scout. The tree is a shape shifter with 3, or more, leaf shapes (and can help you be one as well). It is a protector and can help clarify your intentions. Sassafras can also bring wealth to you (there are many types of wealth, financial wealth is only one type).

Sassafras Blossom

Sassafras is also about heart opening, empathy and compassion. Safrole (sassafras oil) is found in the inner root bark at high concentrations. It can be used as the starting point in the production of MDMA & MDA. Over 30 years ago there were concerns it could cause liver cancer. This was based on high dose studies of rats (never reviewed in humans) and led to a discontinuation of culinary use. After reviewing these studies and other pertinent information, I personally question this. I do not believe it is hepatotoxic in the usual culinary uses. I certainly enjoy Sassfras tea (made from roots). Safrole is also present in good concentrations in many of our culinary herbs including nutmeg, cloves, anise and others.

Big healthy Sassafras tree near home

CARVING Sassafras is my dream come true. Sara is the best at finding old, completely weathered and rotting, branches under the leaves below a big Sassafras stump. After carving away the rot you come to beautiful wood with wonderful magical features and a nice showy grain. The features are often YONI SHAPED and thus have lead to my creation of many YONI RATTLES, some of which you will see here. I am connected to this imagery having practiced Holistic Obstetrics & Gynecology for 22 years in Atlanta.

These Sassafras Rattles are more expensive because this type of weathered wood has been very difficult to find. Here is a gallery including some beautiful old Sassafras trees that have the same natural features I love showing up in my rattle handles. Only MUCH larger on these big old dead trees.

Here is a gallery of Sassafras related photos I wanted to show you.

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