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Holistic Healing Archive

First Breaths and Last Breaths

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from Aumdoc’s Holistic Healing archive (circa 2003) Everyone would agree how important our breath is. It is our life source. With every inspiration (in breath) we feed our physical selves down to every cell, bringing in life giving oxygen. This oxygen is given to us freely by every green plant on the planet! It is… 

Newborn Medicine

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from Aumdoc’s Holistic Healing Archive (circa 2001) I’d like to tell you a story about one of my personal experiences with the power of ‘Newborn Medicine’. The 12 years I practiced medicine out of my office, Lotus Obstetrics & Gynecology, in Lilburn, GA (1989 – 2001) was certainly a milestone in my life. Ten of… 

Healing Partnerships

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from Aumdoc’s Holistic Healing Archive (circa 2003) Developing a healthy relationship with therapeutic caregivers brings good things into your life. Finding care that suits you, and your resources, is not always an easy task.  Once accomplished, the benefits are many. I encourage people to develop multiple layers of healing support. As a holistic physician, I like to expand…