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Aumdoc’s Patch

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Here I will spin a totally true little tale about Black Rock City, Synchronicity and Sacred Reciprocity. I am very fortunate to be so close to my two brothers. Steven (a.k.a. Mr N) is the oldest by 4 years, I am the middle child (both my parents were middle children) and Chip is the youngest… 

Aumdoc: What’s in a name?

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Names are kind of funny labels we carry through life. It seems that the first ones we get tend to last the longest. The little baby boy ends up with a very formal name like Richard Jay Clofine. Yet the only time I ever got called Richard was when my mother, Jolyn, was angry at… 

Hello world!

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This website is actually a gift, to myself, for my 70th birthday (“7th level”). I let go of my older websites when I quit medicine a dozen years ago (though archived versions might appear here, down the road a bit). Over time, I wanted a place to point people to when they asked about my…