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Sassafras Wand with brown wrist strap


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This lovely very weathered Sassafras Wand measures 14 inches and has been adorned with a wrist strap. It is part of my first series of healing wands. Sassafras is sacred wood to me: I Like Sassafras blog post. This wand is from the tip of of a Sassafras branch that was used to make rattle handles. It has the wonderful natural ‘yoni’ features typical of Sassafras. A lot of rotted surface wood was removed to reach good wood. I have adorned this Wand by leaving natural features. There is no inlay in this wand.

I have placed a wrist strap the the base of the wand. Made of hand-tanned Buckskin leather and hemp cord that I braided together. The wrist strap has an adjustable wood and metal bead and two little wood beads that come from an inexpensive Indian mala bead strand that came apart. Here is my blog post explaining why I like wrist straps on small ratttles and wands: Rattle Wrist Straps

I have been collecting pieces  with the intent of making wands. They have been sitting for several years patiently waiting for me. One of my favorite writers, Sophie Strand, published her first book which came in the mail (it was pre-ordered). Thanks for being my muse, Sophie! After the first two chapters I made a dozen wands then sold 6 at Dancing Tree Festival.

The Flowering Wand, Rewilding the Sacred Masculine
(Lunar Kings, Trans-species Magicians and Rhizomatic Harpists)”
by Sophie Strand

This is a wonderful new perspective on Sacred Masculinity before patriarchy (whose tool was the Flowering Wand) and after patriarchy (when the masculine tool became the sword). Her animism is fascinating and her mycelial metaphors appreciated. In many short chapters she comments on many myths from around the world.

I highly recommend it: The Flowering Wand by Sophie Strand

Aumdoc's Rattlehead
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Aumdoc's Rattlehead
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