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Long Honeysuckle Rattle – 3 gourd ‘dumb bell’ with spiral inlay


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This is a big Honeysuckle Rattle! It is ‘dumb bell’ style with gourds at either end and measures 16 inches. The different gourds create a wonderful playing dynamic. Shaking it in many ways creates many sounds. Each end can be played alone. Honeysuckle is wonderful to craft with it’s naturally spiraling surface lines. I have adorned this piece with spiral stone inlay using blue-green Peruvian Chrysocolla and Red Jasper. It feels great in your hand!

The gourds retain their naturally mottled color, are filled with popcorn and topped with tiny Cedar dowels. The single 3 inch ‘Martin’ gourd sounds crisp, bright and outgoing. The two gourds at the other end sound warmer, closer and inviting. The dynamic chorus they all create is very interesting, with many possibilities.

Read about Rattle making, and more, on my blog here. My Etsy shop, AumdocsRattleHead, has a completely different inventory of Rattles for you to look at.


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