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Little Cedar Wand9 with inlay


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Need more art? How about a wand that feels and looks beautiful, connects you to the natural world and moves energy in unique ways?

This Cedar Wand measures 8 inches. The inlay used is green Malachite and light blue Turquoise.

This series of 9 Cedar Wands all come from a beautiful Cedar sister of a Grandmother Cedar Tree that I am fortunate to know. From her flowed much inspiration, and many rattle handles! This is my second series of wands, the first was mostly Sassafras. These are the tips of dead branches projecting off the base of a large mature trees.  I follow natural defects and cracks in the wood, often accentuating them with my carving gouges to receive gemstone inlay.

I had been collecting pieces with the intent of making wands. Those pieces sat for several years patiently waiting for me. One of my favorite writers, Sophie Strand, published her first book which came in the mail (it was pre-ordered). Thanks for being my muse, Sophie! After the first two chapters I made my first series of a dozen wands and then sold 6 of them at Dancing Tree Festival.

The Flowering Wand, Rewilding the Sacred Masculine
(Lunar Kings, Trans-species Magicians and Rhizomatic Harpists)”
by Sophie Strand

This is a wonderful new perspective on Sacred Masculinity before patriarchy (whose sacred tool was the Flowering Wand) and after patriarchy (when the masculine tool became the sword). Her animism is fascinating, and her mycelial metaphors appreciated. In many short chapters she comments on many myths from around the world.

I highly recommend it: The Flowering Wand by Sophie Strand


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