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Honeysuckle Spiral Rattle with ink & inlay


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This Honeysuckle Rattle spirals naturally and measures 9.5 inches. The naturally swirling, and spiraling, lines of the Honeysuckle Vine invites a beautiful Rattle handle to be made. Following it’s lead I have inlayed adobe color Pipestone as a spiral. I have complemented that with a short stripe of green Malachite inlay. Such an interesting good hand feel.

The 3 inch mini-Martin gourd has received a colorful Alcohol Ink treatment to complement, and further adorn, the handle. The spiraling lines continue in the Alcohol Ink color scheme. The gourd is filled with popcorn and topped with a tiny Cedar dowel. The sound is warm, shoosh and comforting. More information on Rattle making is found on my blog here at

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