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Crazy Honeysuckle Rattle with inlay


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Yes, this is one crazy Rattle… and I love it! This Honeysuckle rattle came from good friends land. The surface features are simply amazing and I couldn’t bring myself to cut it down any further. So, here it is.

The multi-angled handle actually feels balanced and plays great. I have taken of all the beautiful natural features by adorning them with gemstone inlay of green Malachite and adobe colored Pipestone. WOW!

The gourd is large enough to serve the handle well. It is filled with popcorn and topped with a small Cedar dowel. One of my favorites.

Working with Honeysuckle

Anatomy of a RattleHead Rattle…

Grandmother Cedar & tiny Cedar dowels

Aumdoc's Rattlehead
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Aumdoc's Rattlehead
Average rating:  
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