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Cherry Rattle with inlay


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This Cherry Rattle is from the branch of a tree that recently came down on our mountain land. It measures 11 inches. The curvature of the handle feels great when you grip it. I always like a ‘hook’ at the abase of the handle. This makes it feel very secure in your hand when rattling vigorously. I have adorned the Cherry handle by preserving natural features and placing stone inlay in natural cracks and defects. Here I use 2 of my favorites: blue green Peruvian Chrysocolla and dark blue Lapis Lazuli.

The 3 inch ‘Martin’ gourd retains its naturally mottled color. It is filled with popcorn and topped with a tiny Cedar dowel. It’s sound is crisp bright, louder and outgoing.

Read about Rattle making, and more, on my blog here. My Etsy shop, AumdocsRattleHead, has a completely different inventory of Rattles for you to look at.


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