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Cedar Rattle – 2 color, 2 gourd, with inlay


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This Cedar Rattle is ‘top of the line’ here at Aumdoc’s RattleHead! The wood has 2 colors: more superficial cream colored wood and deeper Cedar red wood. The grain is lovely.

I have adorned this handle in two ways. First by respecting and accentuating natural features in the wood. A standard practice in my rattles. Also, I used stone inlay which came out wonderfully. Two of my favorite inlays were used: dark blue Lapis Lazuli; and my newest favorite Peruvian Chrysocolla (with highlights of blue, green and brown).

The two different gourds are naturally colored, filled with popcorn and topped with a tiny Cedar dowel. Their chorus sound is crisp, bright and outgoing.

FYI, my AumdocsRattleHead store on Etsy has a completely different inventory. So, check it out!


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