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Black Walnut “dumbbell” Rattle


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This Black Walnut Rattle is “dumb bell” style, meaning there is a gourd at both either end of the handle. I like this style of Rattle. Each “Martin” gourd is shaped a little different and sounds slightly different. This creates a fun and unique sound dynamic that can be explored in many different ways. Also, each end can be played alone, creating two rattles in one. The sound of these gourds is crisp, bright and outgoing.

This Black Walnut came down by my cabin about 10 years ago and many beautiful Rattles, and other crafts, have been made from it (with more to come). The gourds are filled with popcorn and topped with a tiny cedar dowel (as always!).

FYI, my AumdocsRattleHead store on Etsy has a completely different inventory. So, check it out!


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