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Black Walnut 2 gourd Rattle with ‘mirror’ inlay


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This Black Walnut Rattle has an interesting inlay pattern and sports 2 different gourds. The Rattle measures 14 inches. The stone inlay stands out nicely against the beautiful Black Walnut. The patterns mirror each other, on the same side and on the opposite side. I have used inlay of light blue Turquoise and blue-green Chrysocolla on one side, and inlay of gold Mica and Brass shavings on the other side. I am very pleased with the outcome!

The two gourds retain their naturally mottled color, are filled with popcorn and topped with a tiny Cedar dowel. Their sound is crisp, warm, inviting and outgoing.

Read about Rattle making, and more, on my blog here. My Etsy shop, AumdocsRattleHead, has a completely different inventory of Rattles for you to look at.



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