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Big Cedar Rattle – 2 color, 2 gourd with inlay


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This is a big Cedar Rattle with larger gourds and measuring 15 inches. The handle displays more cream colored superficial wood and deeper core dark red wood. I created this effect by splitting a Cedar branch. This handle has been adorned by retaining natural features and placing stone inlay in natural defects. The inlay used here is adobe colored Pipestone.

The two 3 inch ‘Martin’ gourds have been placed in an interesting configuration. They retain their naturally mottled color, are filled with popcorn and topped with a tiny Cedar dowel. Their chorus of sound is loud, bright, crisp, sharp and outgoing. This song would stand up well with other instruments, or drums.

Read about Rattle making, and more, on my blog here. My Etsy shop, AumdocsRattleHead, has a completely different inventory of Rattles for you to look at.



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