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Rattle Wrist Straps

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On some of my smaller rattles you will see a wrist strap. These are usually made of leather and hemp cord braided together in various colors and combinations. I also have a waxed cotton cord I like. They end up being thicker or thinner depending on the combination (3 leather cords braided is thicker then when braiding 1 leather cord with 2 hemp cords). They contain a gemstone, or wood, bead that slides making it adjustable. Also some small gemstone rondelles (which is like a half bead), or other small bead, at the end of each cord just for fun. I like them on small rattles that fit in my pocket. By request, I have placed some on larger handles. Sometimes a tiny little loop is placed because the individual wants to be able to hang their rattle somewhere.

My personal small Sassafras Rattle with simple wrist strap (buckskin with Tiger Eye bead)

I like a wrist strap because it secures the rattle to my hand. I never have to worry about putting it down, or in my pocket, if I need to use my hands. This is very useful if you are doing ceremony and need to light a candle, read a book, clap your hands or whatever. The rattle is right there waiting for you when needed. I also find this particularly helpful when I wonder in the mountain woods on a dark new moon night. The wrist strap helps me to still have my rattle when I get back to our cabin, chuckle. I learned to like them a lot through experience.

It’s not hard to place a wrist strap on a rattle. YOU CAN DO IT!!! Come up with a strap and if you don’t want to drill a hole just tie it around the base of the rattle. Or drill a small hole in your rattle and put it through. It’s so easy I take my drill, when vending, along with completed straps and offer to put them on in the moment.

I recently had a very nice weekend vending at Dancing Tree Festival 2023. I only put wrist straps on a few rattles so they can be seen, and requested if desired. For the first time I put out a sign with 10 wrist straps attached that said “Add a wrist strap”. It struck me funny because 4 people thought they were bracelets (well, that is a wrist strap). Even after my explanation they bought them as bracelets. Next time I will put out a sign with one side that is “Rattle Wrist Straps” and the other side will be “Wrist Strap Bracelets”.

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