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Hello world!

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This website is actually a gift, to myself, for my 70th birthday (“7th level”). I let go of my older websites when I quit medicine a dozen years ago (though archived versions might appear here, down the road a bit). Over time, I wanted a place to point people to when they asked about my work, past and present. I need a place to showcase my current craft work and sell my goods.

Aumdoc with Mama Sara at Dancing Tree Festival, 2023

AUMDOC’S RATTLEHEAD ONLINE SHOP was one big draw. I wanted a place where people can purchase my CRAFTWORK (rattles/bags) online, directly from me. Here I can display my goods in the way I like, providing video and sound clips. That makes it easier to buy one online. Also, I love CUSTOM ORDERS, and I can receive those here.

AUMDOC’s BLOG is a place for me write about MY CRAFTWORK (and my life). I will discuss the process of making rattles and bags; working with different types of wood and leather; gourd craft; and my ‘shamanic’ perspective on the work. I like to write and, chuckle, I have a lot to say.

Aumdoc with grandson Asher

I quit medicine 12 years ago, and discontinued all personal healing work. This was very much about paying attention to my own healing. I have channeled my 22 years of personal healing work (through my medical practice) into the creation of these handmade ceremonial tools. These items are made with that intent. Many healers, bodyworkers, and energy medicine practitioners utilize my rattles in their work. They are known to frequent sound healing and plant medicine circles. Their use can be both calming or stimulating. Above all, RATTLES ARE FUN!

Also, this is a place to, eventually, honor and archive my past medical career. That means some older, err… ancient content from my 22-year practice of Holistic Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology. My solo practice was Lotus Obstetrics & Gynecology, with surgical privileges at 3 metro-Atlanta hospitals. I assisted in the delivery of 12–15 babies a month. I quit hospital medicine after a dozen years and continued with holistic office gynecology for another 10 years, with an emphasis on menopause care. I left medicine in 2011. So I have articles to post about birthing, first and last breaths, healing, surgery and more. Also, some new reflections on that work and teaching, of those past years.

Spinning fun tales about past adventures is something I have been known to do. There are STORIES to tell about different aspects of my life. These might include 5 years as an organic farmer (“Divine Light Farms”) in the early 1970s; my 10 years traveling through medical education; practicing surgery and obstetrics; the three pilgrimages I made with my brothers to Black Rock City (Burning Man ’99,’00,’02); reflections on parenthood (father of 3, grandfather of 3), drum circles that I love, plant medicine, live music and who knows what else.

You are welcome to come along for the Ride!
Happy Birthday Aumdoc!

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