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Aumdoc’s RattleHead loves Vending in person

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Seeing my handmade goods in person is always the best way to make a purchase. It gives you the opportunity to view the inventory with your own eyes, ears and hands. How a rattle feels in your hand is so important. The sound of the rattle, and comparison to other rattles, is often the key to making a decision about what you want. The way I like to provide that experience to you is vending at a few select events each year. I enjoy being present while people go through the process of finding their rattle. So interesting and so much fun. I have little signs on the table that say “Please Shake Me!” to encourage people to pick up and shake the different types of rattles. I usually sit outside the booth and try to stay present though never hoovering. The most interesting questions come my way. I provide a diverse inventory because different folks like different things. It keeps the rattle making interesting.

I also like vending my craft work online, though it is a very different experience. My Etsy store is Aumdoc’s RattleHead . I like my Etsy shop because it is a stream of clients, through Etsy, from all over the country. As of this writing, I have made 150 sales, sent to 33 different states. And they were all bought online, without hearing or feeling the rattles because Etsy does not provide sound with their video clips! In my RattleHead Shop, I will have video clips with sound. I often wondered how people bought rattles online without seeing them. Then I came to realize that was the only option for them, where they live. I offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t like it I will give you a full refund AND pay return postage (after free postage to begin with). I feel comfortable making this offer because I have never had one returned. That feels good. My Etsy reviews are stunning (see them at the bottom of that link)! Often when a rattle goes out to a state, shortly thereafter, I will get additional sales from that same area, probably from friends who saw the rattle.

I’m not fond of consignment sales with retail stores, or online sites. They don’t resonate with me. It always feels like I would have sold the items long before they do. I have made some direct to store sales. If it is the right venue, and shop owner, this can work well.

Though truly, my favorite is live vending. I attend many Music Events, though they are not the best niche for my goods. I do better at Healing Arts festivals. These event have a broader intentional reach beyond just Music. I like being at an event where I don’t have to explain why someone would want a rattle. The whole anticipation of going is good for me. I really like setting up my pop-up and transforming it into my RattleHead Temple, from which I can exchange rattles in Ayni (Sacred Reciprocity). There is a sign in my vending setup that says “Barter, Trade & Negotiation Welcome Here”. I like to trade for my rattles, though you need to have something I want for the transaction to work, chuckle.

When I listen to rattles I try to make them right to my senses. That isn’t so much about good or bad, or a specific right way to sound. There are times I won’t use a gourd cause it is just unsatisfactory. I had a little rattle that had a very soft muted voice. This little rattle went through around 18 months of vending, maybe 6 events. I usually vend 3-4 times a year. A lot of times folks are listening for bright, crisp, outgoing, louder rattles. No one seemed to like that little soft muted one. Then one day I was sitting at my vending site and a woman is trying a bunch of rattles with attention and intent. Told me she has been looking for a rattle. She came to me with the little muted rattle and said something like “Finally, I finally found the sound I’ve been looking for.” Which brought a very big smile to my face.

Here are some of my favorite places to vend with some comments!

Dancing Tree Festival 2023

Dancing Tree Festival is one of my very favorite places to be, and to vend. It is a grassroots, local to me, put on by wonderful people, on a great peace of land healing arts festival. Thank you, Christina Law, for your vision and guiding this to be such a stellar event. It offers Vending Venue, Healing Arts Area, Stage Presentations, Workshops, Yoga deck, Primitive Skills tent, Swimming, Stage and so much more! Happens every other year and I will see you there again in 2025!

Get Off the Grid Festival 2023   

August 18-20. a weekend camping Solar and Music Festival

The Music Camp, Spartanburg, SC

“Unique among music festivals, GET OFF THE GRID FEST is the Southeast’s premier demonstration of the efficacy of energy independence, fueled by the transformative power of music and activism. Festival-goers are immersed in a carefully curated experience designed to promote a resilient alternative to an “on-the-grid” lifestyle through an eclectic mix of music and art performances, hands-on workshops, presentations and food/craft vending. esFestival-goee immersed in a carefully curated experience designed to promote resilient alternatives to an “on-the-grid” lifestyle the eclectic mix of music and art performances, hands-on workshops, presentations & food and crafts.”

To me, Bill Fleming’s Get Off the Grid Festival is a train that keeps on rolling and is coming your way. Led by his experience, wisdom, musicianship love of Mother Earth… supporting this playful work is a must for me. Occurring every other year, 2023 will be a camping event at The Music Camp, which is a great place to spend a weekend. This solar powered festival will have the best music supporting education of energy alternatives. I can’t wait.

Hemlock Fest 

2023 Date and Location to be announced (I sure hope)

“HemlockFest is a non-profit, family-friendly, music, arts & crafts, and environmental education festival held each year the first full weekend in November. Our goal is to raise awareness about, and funds supporting research in, the battle to save North Georgia’s hemlock trees from the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid.”

I have been a long time supporter of this event. It is such a wonderful family friendly event for a great cause. I am hopeful to participate again this year.

Chantlanta 2023 

Chantlanta is back!!  September 8th + 9th at Unity North Atlanta.

The Southeast’s premiere Sacred Music Festival .

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